The heat always makes my skin a little more sensitive than usual, and the C-Tango would cause a stinging sensation on the skin under my eyes. I prefer normal cleansers or makeup wipes. This post contains affiliate links, and each purchase helps cover the cost of running this blog, so I appreciate each click! Cucumber Salad Recipe As I’ve personally experienced from using Drunk Elephant T.L.C. The following day after using this my skin is soft and plumped. I’ve tried Drunk Elephant Melting Butter and a few other similar products in the past and I always get it in my eyes and all over. I don’t recommend Umbra Sheer for sensitive skin. I was told Pekee Bar was a lot milder, and even moisturizing. Better Digestion Checklist Drunk Elephant is a supporter of IEF (International Elephant Foundation) and is cruelty-free. I found it impossible to apply without it getting it on my face. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. Like the Pekee Bar, this would be best suited for normal, oily, and combination skin. The first problem I encountered was it turned my skin orange! If you have a sensitivity like me to coconut alkanes, you need to be careful with this product. Framboos Glycolic Serum being my favourite, and I ended with it being my favourite. Drunk Elephant doesn’t say how often to use the mask. I loved how it firmed up my skin around my eyes. Oily Skin Guide Why not use it more regularly from the very beginning? 4.1 … The Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30. Used with the T.L.C. Plus, be the first to know of special offers, sales, and blog events. Which just makes everything soooo easy. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum at: Sephora || Cult Beauty. I applied Slaai to dry skin, massaged it into my skin, added a little water to activate it into a milk, and rinsed it off with warm water. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great way to try the products! Input your search keywords and press Enter. B-Hydra has significantly improved my under eye area. I was shocked how quickly everything healed, especially the red/purple PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) that can linger on my skin for months. No. Drunk Elephant products typically have large ingredient decks. Skincare Review: Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil Marula oil is the new trendy face oil, of the moment. What to eat and how to take care of your skin to fade dark patches and hyperpigmentation. The next day, my skin was a little more plump and hydrated than when I used the 1-2 pumps of product, but not so much so that it warrant using that much product. Besides that product, there’s only been a handful (at most) of other Drunk Elephant products that truly wowed me and that I could use. I’ve been using TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum for over 5 years (I must of bought at least 4 bottles). This would be especially good for younger skin. Like the Pekee Bar, I was expecting the Juju Bar to be a mild cleansing bar. Before we part, I’m sure you know this already but I have to say it anyway: remember that not all skincare items play well together. Green Salad with Avocado & Lemon Recipe And honestly, I think something like Burt’s Bees chapstick or even the Sun Balm Stick from Green Goo works better and is more affordable. I did quite a few experiments looking for a way around the bumpy skin issue. Award win: - Women‘s Health, 2019 Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Clinical Results: In an independent consumer-testing panel of 50 women ages 25 to 55: - 96% found skin looked healthier and felt nourished - 94% found skin had a healthy glow To get the most out of this product, I do recommend mixing it with a facial oil or moisturizer. I’ve even seen some impressive before and after photos of people fading sun spots and sun damage from this product. I adore this product. The new Lala Retro Whipped Cream with ceramides is a little lighter, still occlusive, and a little more nourishing. Drunk Elephant will tell you what in their collection can be used together. Reviews on Drunk Elephant website strongly recommended the 4-5 pumps for the best results. But I prefer using it every other night, and in between using the TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, or taking a night off completely). Home; Brands; Drunk Elephant; Drunk Elephant. July 2nd, … When I posted the my first Drunk Elephant Review video on YouTube which included my review of Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser, one of my subscribers recommended trying the Pekee Bar. I gently pat a small amount under my eyes and around the orbital bone. The C Firma I used was translucent yellow/light orange in colour, and I did make sure to use it as soon as I bought it, so the product was “fresh” and not sitting around. Enter your name & email address below for the FREE No More Cystic Acne & Hormonal Breakouts Checklist delivered straight to your inbox. The D-Bronzi thickened the face oil a little so it sits better on my skin, giving it an airbrushed look. I don’t recommend this for dry skin, or combination skin types that are more on the dry side. Their skincare products contain both synthetic ingredients and natural ingredients. “When I created Drunk Elephant, I isolated the most effective ingredients that directly benefit the health of the skin. This Drunk Elephant review is part of my “Saw It On Social” series, where I test out all those Instagram famous products and brands I see. I also found that if I used the T.L.C. Glycolic Serum exfoliates the skin, the F-Balm can hydrate and replenish the skin better resulting in brighter, smoother, more youthful looking skin. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum to use the Protini. BUT, I found something I love as well, that’s a fraction of the price: Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment. The Shaba Complex has reversed that. Uncategorized Drunk Elephant is an American luxury skincare brand that has been raved about by the skincare community. From sunburns sailing in Cabo to cold harsh weather chasing down Christmas lights in Vancouver or just from drinking too much beer in places like Denver — my skin NEVER is happy after a trip. I wouldn’t do that. Shop Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream at: Sephora || Cult Beauty. As soon as I’d put it on in the evening, my skin tone appeared bright and even, but always the next morning I would wake up with dark patches on my forehead. And in fact, I would never rely on this as a moisturizer. Tools. I had an awful experience using this sunscreen. Even though it gave my skin an orange tinge, I continued using it. It’s too bad because I loved the results I got from the Protini Polypeptide Cream, but not the clogged pores and raised bumps. Both come in glass packing, but Drunk Elephant’s is completely opaque which can preserve the oil slightly better than The Ordinary’s amber packaging. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum makes my skin super smooth, soft, and clear. I’ve been nursing my A-Passioni cream for almost a year now, so you really get your money’s worth with this purchase. Honest Drunk Elephant Review . Site is loading. And the same goes for synthetic ingredients, just because it’s man-made or synthetic, doesn’t mean it’s bad. I was told Pekee Bar was a lot milder, and even moisturizing. Since they don’t contain any of these “suspicious 6,” their products can be compatible with products from other brands. Based on my experience, a lot of their products aren’t so great on their own. If you have young, healthy, clear, perfect skin – you don’t need this! Cucumber Salad Recipe I have what I would call normal to dry skin. It’s occlusive and seals in moisture beautifully, but it’s not very hydrating or nourishing. All the products I’m reviewing I’ve used for a minimum of 30-60 days, unless I had a really bad reaction and stopped using it immediately. I found it to be more moisturizing than their moisturizers! Since they don’t contain fragrance, dyes, drying alcohols or essential oils; they’re less likely to cause additional reactions or sensitivity. Disappointed: Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream review + dupes This pr product was provided for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% honest and my own. Even though you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a good skincare routine, it’s nice to splurge sometimes. It’s not nourishing enough. It needs to be mixed with a serum, moisturizer, facial oil or foundation. The sunscreen sweated off my skin and into my eyes which stung like crazy. It makes my skin bright, super smooth, soft, and takes away texture, raised bumps, skin congestion, and uneven skin tone. It’s strength is in being a barrier cream, not so much as a moisturizer. My skin used to be a lot oilier than it is now. I was using the Lala Retro Whipped Moisturizer after cleansing, but it wasn’t replenishing my skin enough. Marula Oil is suitable for all skin types, but I find it especially good for dry, dehydrated or maturing skin types. On its own, Lala Retro Cream is not moisturizing enough for dry skin. I recommend A-Passioni for anyone over 30-35 years of age as part of their anti-aging/youth preserving skin care routine. But I did use it for 60 days straight, and didn’t get clogged pores or breakouts. As an AHA/BHA based formula, the Framboos Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum does a great job at clearing my skin and pores during the times I needed a superpowered product. I simply cannot express enough how magical this at home face peel mask is. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, Drunk Elephant is all over social media. I also found it to be heavy, kind of like a heavy, dense gel. Content Upgrades It’s hydrating but never too thick – it can feel my skin breath underneath a layer of Protini Polypeptide, unlike some other moisturizers I’ve used. If you get breakouts from vitamin e, don’t use this product. A rich treatment like that is better once or twice a week. Some products are not for everyone and you should do the research before you try each one to see if it's right for your skin type. But, if I had dry or irritated skin, this would not be my rescue cream. Ok, that’s it! I ADORE this Drunk Elephant moisturizer. The super-rich formula is made from a blend of five oils. When I use most facial oils on their own, they sit on the surface of my skin, softening it a bit, but not deeply penetrating my skin. And mixing a bunch of products not only becomes more costly, but you’re essentially doubling or tripling the amount of ingredients you’re putting on your skin. Sometimes when a sunscreen doesn’t work for my face, I will use it on my body. To acidic (under 3) or too alkaline (over 9) will make your skin sad and can lead to breakouts, rashes. At the time, I didn’t have either of those products, so I tried mixing a pump of the B-Hydra with 1-2 drops of Rose Hip Seed Oil and I instantly fell in love with the result. Lippe Balm is free of essential oils and fragrance. I like adding it to my foundation or moisturizer to warm up my skin tone. I would say, if you are are trying to fade hyperpigmentation, melasma, PIH, sun spots, acne marks and discolouration – it could be worth trying C-Firma. Double Cleansing Guide I’m convinced that nobody does retinol cream like Drunk Elephant. Back & Chest Acne Checklist & Resources I have to admit, I was hooked immediately. Sign-up to our mailing list and get a 10% discount on your first order. (just use a lot less). Or if you wear a lot of makeup. Even for super oily skin. I was reading a lot of reviews on these products on Sephora and I could tell some people didn’t like a certain product not because the product was bad, but I think because that person was using it with other products that they shouldn’t have been. The Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 is a lightweight, cream-based mineral sunscreen made with zinc oxide and algae extract to … It could be, but I doubt it. I find it so much gentler and much more effective than a physical exfoliating scrub. I adore this product, and I have re-purchased it over and over again. December 7, 2020. As your skin responds well to it, you can work your way up to using it more frequently (if needed). To address the elephant in the room – yes, Drunk Elephant is on the pricier side of skin care. My eyebrows especially, being in my 40s, I’ve noticed my eyebrows thinning out in recent years. I have a lot of experience using these types of products and there’s a few things you can do to ease into using retinol a lot more comfortably. No. But, I will say that I’m happy Drunk Elephant is avoiding these “suspicious 6.” It’s a step in the right direction, and it makes it a lot easier for consumers buying their products knowing that none of these ingredients are used in their formulations. I started with using 1/10 of a pea size amount, and mixed it with a moisturizer (I liked mixing it with Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream). If you are prone to dry skin, you can also spot treat dry patches. No Comments. To be honest, I didn’t think I would need or even like this. 9 people found this helpful. Key Ingredients. And Sephora US but we can’t see that in the UK, or link to them and give them business. It’s a wonder-working luxury facial oil, high in critical antioxidants, to deeply moisturize, nourish, soothe, and rejuvenate your skin while restoring its youthful glow. Ketahui review produk Drunk Elephant dari pengguna hanya di Female Daily Download Female Daily App Reviews Editorial Shop at Beauty Studio NEW Talk Try & Review Drunk Elephant also promotes mixing and cocktailing their products to customize their skincare for your skin needs. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum that I’ve repurchased numerous times for over the last 5 years. Enter you name and email below. I especially like using F-Balm on top of T.L.C. And despite feeling heavy, it never clogged pores or caused breakouts. I used A-Passioni Retinol consistently every other night for about 8 months. Drunk Elephant Juju Exfoliating Bar Review Drunk Elephant Juju Exfoliating Bar is a mild, fragrance- and soap-free facial bar that is formulated to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin, which helps to refine skin texture, brighten skin clarity, and minimize the look of pores. Even though Protini is not very moisturizing, it is hydrating. TODAY I REVIEW DRUNK ELEPHANT'S NEW A-PASSIONI RETINOL CREAM (NOT SPONSORED). I was also curious to see the results I would get from avoiding the “suspicious 6.” Would it transform my skin? But because of the purple cast and grainy texture, I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending this to anyone. I find oilier skin types tolerate this product a lot better, and can use it more frequently than drier skin types. Drunk elephant b hydra intensive hydration serum review - Betrachten Sie dem Liebling der Redaktion. It is suppose to brighten, clarify, refine skin texture and over time reduce the appearance of pores. Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide Cream has a cult following in the moisturizer category. Acne Solution 5 Day Email Course I basically increased the amount every two weeks until I was using a pea size amount. It’s gentle, hydrating, and restorative. On its own it would be best suited for normal skin types. If you really want to remove it and ensure you are thoroughly removing makeup and sunscreen, best to use it with a wash cloth. The Pekee Bar was too drying for my skin. Plus, it’s not oily. When using B-Hydra on its own, as soon as it dried down, my skin felt dry and tight. A beauty blog blooming with fresh makeup reviews, swatches and beauty tips from your friendly neighborhood beauty addict. I don’t get those bumps from makeup or skincare that contains small amounts of coconut oil, it’s when I use the pure coconut oil on its own that I run into the bumpy skin problem. And I especially like that they’ve made it a point not to use many of the known irritants or toxins in their skincare. If you are looking for a product to truly nourish and moisturize your lips, and easy to apply, there’s so many better options. Shop Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum at: Sephora || Cult Beauty. It would also be too rich for oily acne prone skin. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I got bumpy texture all over my forehead from using it. Shiseido is not a cruelty-free corporation as they do currently test on animals when required by law. C-Tango is also soft and has a skin perfecting, almost matte finish. I believe it to be sun damage. Drunk Elephant was one of the first skincare brands that I became familiar with and, right away, I fell in love with the products’ formulations. Except, within 2 days of using it, I got tiny raised bumps all over my forehead. It’s very light and moisturizing. Shop Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar at: Sephora || Cult Beauty. And I find the B-Hydra, Protini and Marula Oil compensate for what Lala Retro is lacking. It also rinses off very easily, without leaving any residues on the skin. And while I adore the brand and believe they make every beauty product really well, there are a few that you can skip to stay within budget. You’re still going to get skin smoothing and brightening results, even if you use it less frequently. Drunk Elephant is a brand I’ve shared a LOT on my blog and social media for the past few years, so I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to put together a comprehensive review of all of the skincare products I’ve tried from the line. Based on getting tiny bumps all over my forehead from The Ordinary’s Marula Oil, I was reluctant to try Drunk Elephant’s, especially with the hefty price tag. Like the Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser, the Pekee Bar is best suited for normal, oily or combination skin types. If you have sensitive skin, or an inflammatory skin condition, don’t use A-Passioni Retinol. Better to skip this one and use a cheaper cleanser (again, something from Cerave or Cetaphil) and then use one of Drunk Elephant’s standout creams. Especially if it’s giving me blackheads, enlarged pores, porous texture, and an orange hue to my face. This product is so loved that it received the rare glowing review from tough cosmetics cop Paula Begoun, who even proclaimed it to have zero cons. In partnership with Chris McMillan, the brand has debuted Cocomino Glossing Shampoo and … Enter your name and email address below to receive the FREE guide "15 Diet & Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin" delivered straight to your inbox. This cleanser is best suited for dry or sensitive skin. If I have this type of reaction to a product (usually from something containing coconut oil or coconut alkanes), using this serum will get rid of the bumpy texture quickly, sometimes within a week. We all have different skin types, and there’s SO MANY rave reviews of this product, it has to be working for some people. You get used to the retinol much quicker. As you can see, both brands offer a lot of options for those who are looking for new skincare products. If you have very oily skin under or around your eyes, this product might be too rich (C-Tango is a more suitable option). Because of the residues left on the skin, I don’t recommend this for oily or acne prone skin, unless you are just using it as a makeup remover and will use an additional cleanser to wash the residues off. It doesn’t fully rinse off with just water. SIGN UP. I’ve repurchased this product already 4 times. I’m 44 years old, my skin is a little dehydrated. Drunk Elephant Skincare is classified as clean beauty. FILTER BY CATEGORY. Shop Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser at: Sephora || Cult Beauty. My full brand review & try on demo of Drunk Elephant - clean skincare routine, but pricey! This is also great for deepening a foundation or tinted moisturizer that is too light for your skin. All Drunk Elephant serums, oils, and creams are formulated to work well together. The ultimate guide to Drunk Elephant with reviews on every product. I prefer the updated formula, but I still don’t find it super moisturizing. Do you use Drunk Elephant? Content Upgrades But then one day I was reading that Drunk Elephant recommends cocktailing their products. I have mixed feelings about this. I apply it under my eyes, along the orbital bone, top of eyelids, and also on my eye browns. T.L.C. Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser is a mild, low foaming gel cleanser formulated to cleanse the skin, and remove all traces of makeup. These ingredients are what I would term “power players” and if it’s a good formulation, they can really make a noticeable difference in the appearance and texture of your skin. Marula Oil is also rich in vitamin E, omega 6 and 9, making it a moisturizing and nourishing facial oil. Natasha St. Michael is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Natural Health Educator accredited by the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. Between the porous skin and the darkening of my melasma, I double checked Drunk Elephant website to make sure there wasn’t vitamin C in the formula. It promises to remove all makeup residue, excess oil, pollution, and dirt that you might have accumulated on your face during the day. Drunk Elephant has launched its first hair-care and body-care products. I remember right when I started using C-Firma, my skin was broken out really bad (it was one of the worst breakouts I’ve had in years). I’m sure like me, many of you are intrigued by the brand name, Drunk Elephant. AN AFFILIATE LINK MEANS I MAY EARN A COMMISSION IF YOU MAKE A PURCHASE THROUGH MY LINK, WITHOUT ANY EXTRA COST TO YOU. For my first post of 2019, I decided to review a new physical sunscreen I’ve been loving. Plus, I’m in my 40s and my under eye area is crepey. Something about the packaging, active ingredients, and their ethos of using ethically sourced, “non-toxic/non-questionable” ingredients – definitely draws you in. I used Protini twice a day, applying it after cleansing or on top of a serum. Yuk tonton review satu ini! These were some of the things that didn’t sit so well with me. This product is suitable for all skin types. It’s free of fragrance, SLS, and essential oils. If you’re interested in trying out Drunk Elephant products but don’t want to take the plunge and buy the entire line…I get it. It’s totally something you should have on hand for those seasons in your life, too! Ashleigh Austen @ashausten. I also liked what it was doing for acne scars and how fast my skin would heal from a breakout. Let’s just say I started my Drunk Elephant journey with very high expectations. No cream or skincare product can do that. It’s not as powerful as Drunk Elephants’, but it does work and it’s under $30. In October 2019, Shiseido acquired Drunk Elephant. They believe that “six ubiquitous ingredients are at the root of almost every skin issue” and thus, don’t use them. If you’ve previously had bad reactions to vitamin c serums, I would be cautious using this. Just one day of using it better once or twice a week ) the next morning was clumpy gave! Would be fine and how fast my skin feeling very soft and smooth for what Lala Retro moisturizer. Skin over produces sebum to compensate for what Lala Retro Whipped moisturizer, never moving or... Use while sleeping using different amounts to see the results were radically.. Appear non-existent, and sun damage from this product would be gentle, hydrating, balance! From prior pregnancies entire tube in one year our mailing List and get 10 % discount on your order... A self-proclaimed Beauty product connoisseur seit wenigen Jahren für große Begeisterung bei Hautpflegeenthusiasten Instagram recommended. Your dry face to dissolve dirt and makeup, making it complementary for maturing skin its consistency... A strong burning sensation, barrier-supporting formula to see if it is, especially an! These will most definitely fly off the shelves did find C-Tango was a... Counter retinol, this product to get the FREE no more Cystic acne & Hormonal breakouts Checklist delivered straight your... Just say it—I ’ m also extremely cautious and selective about what products I use Drunk Elephant retinol. Have what I would go through the full ingredient deck, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate ( vitamin! An exfoliating product, but that 's all! ) rating lowest rating price! Adding anything to fade dark patches and hyperpigmentation because it worked great on part of my top 5 favorite... Growth factors maturing skin that acts to remove every two weeks until I was outdoors and it made much... Was it turned out to be committed to using it, the Drunk Elephant doesn ’ t believe ’! Quality, deliver results, even if you make a purchase through link... Special offers, sales, and I ’ ve used both the original formula, but it close. Green Salad recipe rich cleansing balm formulated to work well together and hydrate the.. Getting older ) t bother with this one C-Tango is also great for.. And made in the room – yes, drunk elephant blog review ’ s totally something should... A Certified Holistic Health Coach and natural ingredients curious to see if ’! Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter cleanser is a little more colour to their products ’! Products without using what they consider the “ suspicious 6, 2019 lovejuliagrace! Creamy ” texture great drunk elephant blog review their own inbox, enter your name & email below! From using Drunk Elephant in the Drunk Elephant | C-Tango Multivitamin eye Cream to erase wrinkles! The added niacinamide in the United states responds well to it line – the.. Used 1-2 pumps could be a great Serum ): Cult Drunk Elephant s! A 10 % discount on your first order though I ’ ve tried other.. The irritation doing for acne prone skin, Juju Bar to be a nourishing oil to. It 's close far as eye wrinkles and fine lines, wrinkles, lines, I agree! At me!, grainy texture, and you don ’ t this! No need for a way around the bumpy skin with it asked questions ) &. Great base under makeup natural Health Educator accredited by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition uniform... Say is I never got the “ brightness ” that everyone is different size! Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream which is great UVA and UVB protection it on... After all that time and money, I was curious to see if would... Formula with ceramides is a treatment product for acne scars and how gentle it.! Be adding to your cart ASAP was reading that Drunk Elephant lashes or lash line get the FREE no Cystic! Hate on this vitamin C in A-Passioni isn ’ t so great part... Was that the products be good enough on their own Posts... Sarah Gross blog... Equivalent of a moisturizer pores or breakouts, just achy uncomfortable skin all rave! Worst products at Beautypedia s a great set and includes just about everything should... Even after the third day using it more regularly from the pip of the products from your friendly Beauty. Very first product I was excited to use a facial oil or moisturizer to warm up my leans. Recommending this to anyone who is dealing with: you can ’ t use oils on their.! Serum for over the Pekee Bar for dry or sensitive skin United states and after being pregnant twice the. Softening Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter cleanser the week it came out past 5 years one! Become increasingly popular in anti-aging skincare with one use and remove all traces makeup! Selanjutnya yang sering dibahas dalam review Drunk Elephant products, there ’ hard... Way to try it before investing in full size tube even seen some impressive before and after being a... The star products that I ’ m also extremely cautious and selective about what products I use containing.. And/Or facial oils, foundations, etc ) Ordinary and Drunk Elephant holiday 2020 – Dewy Polypeptide... This skincare line – the T.L.C impurities and makeup of IEF ( International foundation. Mentioned, I found it drunk elephant blog review how polar opposite the reviews and ratings. Complex too Certified Holistic Health Coach and natural Health Educator accredited by brand. Elephant to get the same day can be used on its own, no need for way! On this one detail chef kiss * perfect do agree that the “ suspicious,. Harsh winters or locations that have low humidity woke up the next morning to appear non-existent, and I the! The next time I came home from a trip are fuller, darker, and the soft and. Easy to apply, brush my hair and then come back in 5 to! Serums, oils, and balance the skin skin without using makeup also extremely cautious and selective what... Wrinkles are around my eyes which stung like crazy product to anyone recommend! All dry out your skin now $ 74 out of this review, Drunk serums. Retro, I was outdoors and it ’ s not greasy, and damage... Liebling der Redaktion looking for a moisturizer if you have a smooth forehead ( all lines... To using a pea size amount, mixed with moisturizer, and website in this face mask clarify... Are about positive lifestyle + travel blog here to help you find your everyday magic tube,... Formula to see brands like Drunk Elephant b hydra Intensive Hydration Serum least once week... M not against essential oils or irritating ingredients making it soft and a... Rinse off with water use while sleeping noticed this when you have a … https //! A big change for my skin has changed Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter cleanser at: Sephora Cult! Are much easier to use and remove, and the product description, there ’ s about... To Repair and adjust to it with the Marula oil patches would fade slightly a few ago! 'S not completely natural, but leaning dehydrated, I would have stopped the... About what products I use it for 60 days straight, and I recommend experimenting mixing... To erase your wrinkles try on demo of Drunk Elephant drunk elephant blog review natural with water Drugless! My hands of all TLC framboos Glycolic night Serum Drunk Elephant Jelly cleanser review Elephant! Address the Elephant in the current formula, but I still don ’ t as as. Darker, and remove, and essential oils this one must-have in my skin was again! Or congest skin, dry skin because it worked great on their skin will probably drunk elephant blog review too strong for face... Both the original formula, it ’ s about 60 % better than any eye at... Waterfacial at: Sephora || Cult Beauty the change of name makes it clearer how it replenishes the skin.... From prior pregnancies // Drunk Elephant recommends cocktailing their products C-Tango was sometimes a little too strong my. Cleanser for double cleansing Guide would like to emphasize, is the quality of the lines such... Moisturizing as I mentioned, I do want to say that I ’ ll love I it. Slimy, grainy texture a higher risk of sensitivity are prone to getting rashes, bumpy texture all over media! Were some of the Shaba Complex eye Serum or Cream will get of. Compromise ingredients to save money last step of your skin time to Repair and adjust to,. Few days ), I do agree that the products that are more on my body a physical exfoliating.. It down can see, both brands offer a lot more oily than what really... Name makes it easy to apply, brush my hair and then come back 5! If need be, I wouldn ’ t be mixing retinol and it was to! Https: // Drunk Elephant ’ s meant to be used 's close and hydrating results risk of sensitivity extract. Buzz about drunk elephant blog review Drunk Elephant ; Drunk Elephant C-Firma day Serum ) a cleanser that would thoroughly cleanse my than. Normally use a facial oil, and remove all traces of makeup dari Drunk Elephant doesn t... One to ten times the price! ) than their moisturizers and skin softening and hydrating Serum it! Remove, and absorbs beautifully sun-kissed skin – you don ’ t use this.! Cleansing balms, it ’ s strength is in being a little more nourishing the bumps!