The egg was quite large, but when the kids opened it, we noticed the inside was mostly packaging. In July 2009, I was in San Francisco for a marathon and happened to pass by a toy store (not during the marathon) that had a sign “Kinder Surprise Sold Here.” I was excited to find, after more than a decade, those lovely little eggs. Thank you to everyone who has shared their Kinder stories ... it’s great to hear about everyone’s affection for them so that I can match them up with the photos I’ve found around on the internet. Free Returns. KINDER® Mix Egg Hunt Kit 186g. I honestly prefer the chocolate over the toys. we did have yowies which are the aussie versions but I don’t know if they’re still around. Kahelgee on 6/02/06 at 6:13 pm, Comment by i ask, because it seems that you take most of your own photos and i found the same pic on which sells them. I’ve bought so many at my local supermarket that they’ve upped the number of boxes they carry. I have to say I liked the chocolate part, not enough to eat a whole bar of it, but enough to be surprised by it. Debi P on 5/08/09 at 11:12 am, Comment by Thank you! Shop on line handmade Easter eggs from Italy. Oh, what a happy day that was. I know you can order them online from a place that ships them right to your door, it’s a German Food Market & Deli, - they have 100’s of kinder eggs in stock according to their website. I'm sorry for telling you this, though. Candyology 101 - Episode 35 - Whatchamacallit It’s the ones you assemble, the ones with moving parts inside that you get to see how it all works during assembly that’s the winners. Every place I have looked doesn’t sell them any longer. The toys are a fun little suprise too. I first discovered them in Europe and just this past month found them in Mexico and was beside myself. Hello! It’s actually the number one most confiscated item (above Cuban cigars). If you’ve had Kinder Eggs before, what sort of prizes did you get in yours? them directly to you. Unfortunately, they were around 1.60 USD each. Maria and I take a quick look at one of the most popular candy bars in the world. Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, skim milk powder, cocoa mass, soy and/or sunflower lecithin vanillin), skim milk powder, sugar, modified (vegetable, palm) fats, anhydrous milk fat, soy and/or sunflower lecithin, vanillin. Carol on 11/16/06 at 7:19 am, Comment by Temporary Tatoos, Dinosaur Skeletons, the characters from Phantasialand theme park, little cars, little people, that was one reason Kinder Eggs were so great. I love Kinder Eggs! Still I think among my favourites, at least the one that got most use, was an elk-head pencil topper. The roof snapped on and there was a sticker you put on that was the window….....*exciting* I guess you were suppsed to get more houses and line them all up? I got one of these in high school. the directions show that you hold it in your hand to make the temperature go up and then you put it back in the egg. The Mel and Rose website that was mentioned on here is selling the Kinder eggs for $1.99 each, not $0.60! Do they sell them in Vancouver Canada? the whole chocolate egg with the capsule Save this search. Win a Trip for 4 to Australia + 1,000 Instant Win Prizes. They’re considered a choking hazard because of the plastic bits. This egg is no joke. KINDER® SURPRISE® 2-pack (2x20g) Two delicious milk chocolate eggs with milky lining with a surprise toy. Jonah - I’m putting both of those places on my list (I went to Bay Cities deli quite a bit when I worked in SM but never looked at the candy there at the time ... I’m such an idiot! No, you can't. Ooh, a new flickr group I need to join   I’ve loved kinder eggs since I found them at 7-11 in Taiwan years ago, but I had no idea they were banned in the States. Theyre small rectangle bars and come in 4 per pack or something like that? A glow-in-the-dark ghost that comes complete with a post to hang it from, so that it waves ghostily. the kicker was the paper with the assembly instructions showed it driving on the moon! I JUST FOUND KINDER EGGS IN NEW YORK!!!! Fun to collect if you can get them often. Barbara on 5/24/06 at 9:54 am, Comment by The chocolate was worse, but they had little star wars as the toys. My favorite series were little ghosts. krakit on 3/03/09 at 3:38 pm, Comment by It was the strangest thing; the chocolate wasn’t all that good but the toy was interesting. It’s too bad they can’t sell them in the States. ozzy on 10/21/07 at 12:16 am, Comment by Also have a whole series of bunny figurines in winter themes. (See other prizes in this flicker kinder pool.). Shop for more Christmas Treats, Candy & Chocolate available online at Kinder egg on 3/10/07 at 11:53 am, Comment by I have been collecting the toys since 1992 and have thousands stashed away in RubberMaid tubs. ... 100+ Kinder Egg Surprise Toys from Czech republic . I’m serious. The whole line was an ancient Egypt theme… cleopatra, etc. Kinder Eggs are only $2.25 at Josie’s German Food Market and Deli - Erika on 11/22/08 at 6:04 am, Comment by They also sell these tiny chocolate beads from France. I'd love to go to space in a giant chocolate egg. I loves these little candy/toy eggs. There have been some funny looking toys and I used to have a collection of them and they all had movable parts. Its more like a passing fancy for me. Candyology 101 - Episode 36 - KitKat Many of the polish food stores sell Kinder chocolates but many did not sell the eggs b/c of the US ban. The chocolate is passably edible, nothing I’d want to buy by itself. For decades, Kinder has brought parents and kids together through discovery and imagination. But best of all, put it on hot toasted bread. But I ended up getting rid of the toys because they were cheap looking and I didn’t really think of them as anything special. A pink whale with a rubber band mechanism that lets it shoot a blue plastic “spray” out of it’s blowhole when you press it’s tail. The second was a biplane. I don’t remember eating the chocolate, I was too excited to get to the toy! Of course it’s not just a giant egg – inside, consumers can get their photos taken in an old-school photo booth. For some reason they seem very popular in office landscapes. Kinder is part of the Ferrero family of companies/brands. Used that one for many schooleyears to well… be a dissruptive student. Though it’s sad that they have to take photos from my site to run their business. Candy Critic - an exhaustive site of candy reviews from Canada, Collecting Candy - Jason shares his immense collection of candy wrappers and historical perspective to confectionery, The Candy Enthusiast - Sera's intricate notes & fabulous pictures of candy from around the world, Candy Gurus - Matty, Scotty & Jonny put candy to the test - it can be harsh but all done with love, Candy Professor - Yes, a real professor writes about candy and its place in American history, Candy Yum Yum - Patti's thoughts on candy as a writer and professional taste tester, Chocablog - UK based group blog with chocolate reviews from all over Europe. What a wonderful gift. Orders under $250 (before tax) will be charged a $25 delivery surcharge. Kinder Surprise Giant Egg, 100g (Ideal As Easter Egg) Limited Edition - Minions Chocolate Egg and Toy: Kitchen & Home Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. The third was this….car…thing. Gallery View Customize . For those who want These eggs are most definitely meant for Europeans. Making a giant kinder surprise egg using a balloon AND opening 20 YEAR OLD kinder surprise eggs to see if the toys were better then or now. i have a set of (surprisingly detailed) Lord of the Rings figures from a few years back. I remember loving the chocolate, so it’ll be interesting to see how my tastes have changed. I warm up the foiled egg in my hands to the point of almost melty. Maybe. Joykill on 2/09/11 at 10:40 am, Comment by It’s so sweet and soft, the scant amount you get around the little plastic pod is enough. I can’t remember their names, but a lot of them are like chocolate balls with hazelnut/white filling and other ones are chocolate bars. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. I find it ingenious the toys they come up with, and how they’re able to construct them so that they fit in the tiny capsule, yet assemble to make some impressive toys. I am very happy to know that they are available here. Off to find out! My favorite toys!! 32% milk ingredients. i’m not a big fan of the chocolate although a double layer is divine in looks alone; the best toy ever was a series of lil fox cartoon characters that wore different outfits… i think anything small, toy-cartoon like is a hit I think they are about $2 a piece. You can find them at The tops of monitors have a tendency to sprout kinder egg toys over here. View cart for details. That is where I had my first Kinder Egg, they happen to sell them with their children’s popcorn combo at their consession stand. My folks’ best friend is German and she has occasionally brought us some back from her visits home. These are the 3 most memorable of the Kinder Egg toys I’ve gotten…. I would eat all of the chocolate before I would have re-entry. Wow! I dream about kinder eggs, I want to be a kinder egg, I think of myself as a kinder egg. Watch [Giftbox from Canada] Lime's Surprise Giant Egg Kinder Joy - LimeTube & Toy-IR_9c_fsi9s - Dolly And Friends on Dailymotion I found a new candy source in Los Angeles (posting tomorrow about that) called Mel & Rose’s on Melrose Avenue. I was wondering about a specific Kinder egg surprise that you may know something about? Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. If you’re looking for the kinder eggs in chicago, there is a world produce located on waukegan and dempter and they carry the kinder eggs and other kinder products. It was cute, but boring. Where do you get kinder eggs in washington! My friend was on a tour of duty in Italy 8 years ago and he sent me one in a package. The first was ...a house. I saw the giant ones at Mel & Rose, but I figured I should start small. I think. Kinder Contest for Canada 2020 ( Instant win) Kinder Surprise Animal Adventure Instant Win Contest. I have been getting these special little treats for over 10 years now. While the toys are usually fun, I’ve never been a huge fan of the chocolate they use in Kinder Eggs. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to sell them again as they are against the law. Throughout my childhood i’ve had many many many kinder surprises, and i cannot remember what any of the toys where. There’s only one Surprise on the 24th, but the other chocolates are what I’m after. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Candyology 101 - Episode 35 - Whatchamacallit. . Kinder is a widely distributed confection brand that also makes the intensely addictive Kinder Bueno (which is a must-try for any hazelnut lover). Ah, I get it now! I love, love, love Kinder Eggs, but for the toys and not the chocolate. My response was “Do we have what?”  She waved us through without explanation at that point, so I had to google it to see if it was some bizarre Canadian parasite or weapon of mass destruction. My mom says you can order direct from Ferrero Canada to the US and it’s cheaper. desertwind on 5/23/06 at 8:41 pm, Comment by Kinder Eiern are awesome! Authorized Seller. It’s like the Kinder Bueno…in egg form. Here is what happened to them: A man walked in the store a few months ago and bought a case of them. Usually, Germany and Austria get the highest-quality ones. Best toy I got was a footballer when the world cup was on, Kinder Eggs are the best. Spoonfools out of the jar are great - I love the way it sticks to your teeth. We just ordered some Kinder Suprise Eggs from There are collector web-sites you can trade and sell on but as my computer recently crashed I am sorry to say I can not provide the http’s for them as I have to find them again. ... My name is the kinder egg it is my real name!Is’nt a cool name.One day a paint myshelf to look like a kinder egg and you knok whats the cool part the paint wont come off. I thought I’ve seen these eggs at Cost Plus World Market…Last year we received one from a friend who visited Germany. Except instead of being a plastic egg, it’s a chocolate egg. see all. Charlie on 11/28/07 at 4:07 am, Comment by Skittle on 1/02/07 at 2:21 pm, Comment by The toys inside turn into the cutest things ever and some on them, the yellow container thing was part of the toy. Jim's Chocolate Mission - Jim's exhaustive search for the best chocolate candy bar (UK), David Lebovitz - personal guide for chocolate tours of Paris, cookbook writer and incredible blogger, Food Stuff Finds - Cinabar profiles confections & snacks from the UK and beyond, ZOMG Candy! I guess I thought it was going to be much worse tasting considering kids are going to buy it for the toy and not necessarily for the chocolate. While some like it some don’t. KINDER CHOCOLATE Mini Bag 150g. In fact I remember we had one sitting on the dashboard near the drivers side once as we crossed back into the U.S. and no one said a thing. I like the Robotix toys (articulated Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs, 24 × 20 g . I went to Greenpoint, Brooklyn (just east of Manhattan) and walked along the main Polish street in Greenpoint (Greenpoint is considered NYC’s “Little Poland”). - candy fandom in the form of a blog. So as not to run afoul of US Customs laws, I bought and opened my Kinder Egg at the airport in Gatwick. Things can get tough when you love someone who is so far away, but when I open a package and there is a kinder egg waiting for me to enjoy, I fall in love with him even more. "Kinder is a well-loved brand. Thanks for this site. nice, i love candy very very very very very very very very very very very much it is the tastiest thing ever, hi i love kinder eggs its not just the little toy inside i also love the chocolate who   would’ent its the best part xxxp.s this is not the best message ever cus im only 9 xxx. Let’s all take a break with KitKat on this episode of Candyology 101. Check our kinder surprise eggs collection. Kinder makes everyday moments even more memorable. The both arrived safely. I actually really love the chocolate. Hannah on 5/23/06 at 1:34 pm, Comment by A Pirate SNAIL! The egg is pretty much the size of a regular chicken egg. More recently, I have been recieving Kinder eggs from Iraq, still with the letters, only now my friend has become my fiance. So when we moved back to the states we desperately missed them. The chocolate in those is pretty good (no milky lining) and there are all sorts of things inside, from miniature animals, to various anime characters and such. it doesn’t do anything though! I generally go to Kuby’s (a German store and restaurant) in Dallas to get the Kinder Eggs. Guess the boys will just have to wait for the next trip home. i live in vancouver. for those looking for kinder eggs in NYC, Myers of Keswick in the WV on Hudson btw Jane & Horatio always has them in stock, along with lots of other great [British] stuff. I returned to the US via Houston International Airport with about a dozen of these eggs in my luggage. I had almost all the collection and now I’ll never finish. I don’t know if it’s a nostalgia thing or what, but it’s one of my favorite candies to eat. That includes private citizens bringing them into the country in luggage. They had an actual toy, not stickers or something, but it was a larger toy so I suppose that's why this brand was allowed. Opening one and finding a ready assembled plastic toy, or even worse the little 15 pieces puzzles they did for a while. i luv kinder eggs there soooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have EVERYTHING that you might want from Europe or Australia. There’s a shop in Pike Place Market in Seattle that sells them for about $3. inside, then you will probably need I have a hard time finding them in America (they sell them in some Russian stores), but when I do, I swear it’s like Christmas. I already declared that I had Germany chocolate ... so I was sure they were at least going to ask. Most recently a little turtle on wheels with a waggy head that bobbed as you wheeled him along. In fact I just found out today that they are not legal in the U.S. from a friend. Sheila on 5/22/08 at 5:32 am, Comment by I had no idea they weren’t available in the US. As soon as the child is done playing with the toy, they tend to just throw it away.